Lecturer Ms Ishihara


This traditional lunch offers the experience to cook rice in a traditional way, using an old rice cooker (called "KAMADO") which is rarely seen in Japan now. It also comes with A5 RANKED HIDA BEEF and authentic local dishes prepared by a local chef.

The lecturer for Kamado, Ms Ishihara, who is called "The Mother of Hida/Takayama", will teach you how to cook rice in a traditional way.

Guests can eat lunch in the guest room of an old house in Hida with cultural values.


  • Learn how to cook rice with a traditional rice cooker from a local lecturer

  • Use traditional fireplace to grill the famous Hida Beef

  • Eat lunch in the guest room of an old house in Hida with cultural values

  • Feel and experience how people used to live in Japan before modernisation


This activity offers the experience to cook rice in a traditional way, using an old rice cooker which is very rare in people’s lives now. Although the rice made in this way is still considered as the best, almost all the people use an electric rice cooker and so it is even rare for Japanese people to experience this way of cooking rice. In addition, the guests will use traditional fireplace to grill famous Hida Beef. 

What makes this activity more attractive are 1) the lecturer is a very experienced, 70-year old mother in the region who knows everything unique to the region; 2) the guest room, where the guests will eat lunch, is one of the oldest houses in Hida with high cultural values.

Meeting Point

Yoshiki no sato (Address: 145-1, Onocho, Furukawacho, Hida city, Gifu, Japan).

The palace is in front of the bus stop called Shijuhattakiguchi. Pick up at Hida Furukawa or Takayama is available depending on the number of guests.

Experience Ancient Life Style in a historical architecture

Open:              Everyday (Reservation Only)

Price:               JPY6,000 per person

No of guests:   6 - 14 persons

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